Insurance Claims Management Services

Insurance claims management is a collective term for the service in which all loss adjusters provide, this service allows loss adjusters such as ourselves deal directly with your insurances, this allows us to free up more of your crucial time in order to deal with more important situations. The senior personnel of an insurance claims management proceinsurance claims managementss could lead a team of claim handlers and make sure they worked efficiently. The management of an insurance claim should also be able to deal with more complex payments and customer protests and criticisms.

An insurance claims manager is someone that makes sure all claims have been settled fairly, the insurance manager is there to make sure no one gets under compensated. The claims manager, like Public Loss Adjusters, are an unbiased party so no matter who the client is they will get treated fairly from an impartial source.

What is an Insurance Claims Managers Job?

An insurance claims manager’s job role is to ultimately make sure everything runs smoothly. It is the claims manager’s duty to maintain and review the insurance claim files whilst making sure all payments are correct. They follow up and confront any issues associated to the insurance claims.  Although the main job is to manage the claim, the day to day job of a claims manager is not an easy one. A claims manager has to Frequently analyse specific claims in the portfolio whilst keeping reserves and records up to date as required.

If you have been subject to an incident which would require you to turn to an insurance manager, then give our specialist claims management team a ring today in order to find out your deserved entitlement today. If you have anything from an enquiry to a claim, then call 0800 434 999 or 0333 7333 999 for further details on how we can help you.

The sort of claims that insurance claims managers deal with is First Party Insurance Claims which is when the 1st party is paid by the 2nd party in case of an accident. Another claim they have to deal with is homeowner claims where a property is covered by the insurance but something gets stolen etc. A final claim that insurance claim managers deal with is health insurance claims where a private doctor needs to be used and the health insurance needs to be approved in order to receive private treatment.


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Fire Restoration Services | DriTech

About DriTech

DriTech are a nationwide network of building contractors. DriTech know that when disaster does strike on your property, it can be a very hard time for you. DriTech aim to make the process of repair work and the insurance claim process as smoothly as possible for you in order to take the stress and hassle out of the equation for you. DriTech aim to be the best flood and fire restoration service and claims process managers on the market.Fire Restoration DriTech

The main areas that DriTech cover are fire and flood restoration and escape of water. They have a wealth of experience in carrying out repairs and dealing with insurance companies, meaning they will get the maximum settlement for your property and your home will be restored back to its pre-accident state.

If you have any questions on what we do or what we can do for you, please visit our website at or call us on 0800 865 4999.

Fire Restoration

A fire can be very disastrous when the accident strikes, but DriTech’s restoration teams have a wealth of experience and the ability to make sure that this disaster is acted on as swiftly as possible and to make sure everything is returned back to pre-accident state as soon as possible.

All of DriTech’s contractors are fire and flood qualified to the highest of standards. When dealing with fire restoration, there are many of factors that actually cause damage to your home. There is the fire itself, smoke from the fire and there is the water that the fire brigade use to put the fire out. This is why you need an expert team to assess the damage that has been done to the property. We make sure that you get the full amount of money to cover repairs for the property and an expert team to make sure the property turns back to its pre-loss state.

When choosing DriTech for your fire restoration, you will receive free loss adjusting so DriTech will deal with your insurance company directly for you – this will take the hassle and stress off your shoulders. It will also ensure that they don’t try and give you less than what you are entitled to as a policy holder so that you get the right amount of money to return your property back to pre-accident state.

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Roofing Blackpool

rooferAre you a resident of Blackpool and its surrounding areas? Do you need roofing services or independent professional roofers Blackpool? Maybe you just fancy a new modern style of roof finish or maybe your requirement of an expert roofer is urgent because of structural damage to your roof at your property? Either way you want a roofer that you can trust and that has plenty of experience.

When you are looking for a roofer in Blackpool, to perform any sort of roofing work, you need to do valid research in a number of areas such as the internet on review sites and trades people websites and also ask around your area, to make sure no bad services have been linked to any roofers you are considering.

Local Friendly Roofing Services in Blackpool

Once you have done research into their history, look at them directly on their personal website and look for the following points on the site;

  • Customer reviews- any roofing business/ company that is worthy of being employed by you, should have customer reviews and testimonials which will give you first hand opinions of the quality of work that the roofer/s provide.
  • Photo Gallery- any roofing business/ company that is reputable should of have photos of previous work for evidence and proof of the work that can actually do for you.
  • Qualifications/ Certification- any legit company that works with the public for roofing or any building in fact should have specific qualifications/ certificates from organisations showing that they have taken time to ensure they are as good and safe at their job as possible. Specialist roofers should have certification from companies such as ‘checkatrade’ and also should have certificates of qualification such as ALTUIS and Safe Contractor.

If a roofing company complies with the few points that have just been mentioned above, it will give you some reassurance that they should be legitimate roofers that know how to perform roofing services correctly and aren’t just chancers. Personally for Blackpool roofing services, we recommend

Conclusively, when you are employing roofers Blackpool for roofing work at your property, do your valid research in their reputation and look up any previous work they have performed and the quality of the finish. Also when you have found a few companies that seem decent enough to do your required roofing Blackpool work, bounce prices against the few companies and you will gain a better price.

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Independent Loss Adjusters in Scotland

Has your property been damaged by flood?Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Supervised by a qualified chartered loss adjuster, each individual claim will be dealt with by a fully qualified CILA member. Public Loss Adjusters Scotland:

  • Have over 65 years of combined experience in both commercial and domestic sectors
  • Appoint a dedicated loss adjuster to each claim
  • Assist in meetings with those representing the insurer
  • Help you with alternative accommodation and arrange emergency payments
  • Provide full claim preparation, submission and negotiation
  • Ensure your claim is settled promptly and fairly
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Supply a schedule of works prepared by a qualified RICS surveyor
  • Offer clear advice

Has your home or business been affected by fire damage?Our specialist building contractors can carry out all repair work on your property at no cost to you if you choose their services. With an outstanding relationship with many of the leading building restoration companies, it enables us to provide our services at no cost to you.

Ensuring that 100% of your entitlement is achieved and that your end settlement is complete, we will productively handle all insurance related negotiations. Acting as independent insurance claims specialists and loss adjusters, we represent your rights truthfully and wholeheartedly.

Our professionals have been working in the insurance industry since 1971. Choosing not to work on the insurers behalf, Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are amongst the very few chartered loss adjusting companies who choose to work on YOUR behalf.

We can help when stormy weather damages your propertyEnsuring that you receive your full entitlement under the terms of your policy, the contractors on our network don’t work on a pre-arranged rates basis – they work on your behalf alongside our appointed loss adjuster and surveyor. They will pay us your management fee, leaving you with a free service.

Our team of professionals include loss adjusters, loss assessors, claim handlers, project managers, independent surveyors, BDMA/equivalent drying and restoration specialists. We own/manage the following networks:

  • ProBuild Contractor Network Ltd (Building): 96 Independent Contractors
  • DriTech Ltd (Fire & Flood Restoration): 25 Independent BDMA Approved Specialists
  • Combined Surveyors Network Ltd (Surveying): 42 Independent RICS Surveyors


  • Sage Repair Network (Building & Disaster Restoration)
  • W&R Fraser (RICS Surveyors)

We Are Public Loss Adjusters Scotland - Working to ensure that the most resonable outcome is achieved when you need to claim on a property insurance related matterThe approved contractors on our networks have agreed to cover our fees and marketing costs on your behalf should they be appointed to undertake the reinstatement work on your claim, leaving you with a free service.

Attempting to handle a property insurance claim can be complicated, especially when your family needs you or when your business is under added pressure. Our team of Chartered Loss Adjusters will assist and guide you through the entire claims process from start to finish.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

cavity-wallIf you are having problems with your cavity wall insulation, then you may want to look into having it removed. Your insulation may have been wrongly installed in your property due to a government initiative and now are you paying the price. There are many reasons to consider cavity wall insulation removal and you could save money down the line if you have it done before the damage occurs.

Cavity wall insulation removal is imperative if the foam used is urea-formaldehyde. While it has been removed from most homes, it may still exist in a few homes in the United Kingdom. As the foam degrades, it releases toxic gases and can cause respiratory problems to the residents, as well as damp in the property itself. Therefore, if you know that your home was insulated with urea-formaldehyde, contact a cavity removal service immediately.

If you have fallen victim to a rogue installer, they may have pushed cavity wall insulation on you without surveying the property properly just to claim your money or a government grant. It may turn out that your property was actually not appropriate for installing cavity wall insulation. If this is the case, did you know that you may be entitled to claim compensation? If you have suffered from poorly installed cavity wall insulation problems, may be able to help.

If your property has timber or steel frames, or it has porous bricks that allow water to seep through and make the interior damp, then your property was not suitable for cavity wall insulation. This insulation can cause damp and rot, so it is best to have it removed and consider an external insulation in its place.
Flood and fire damage can also pose a risk to your insulation – if your area has recently suffered flooding, then the insulation will need to be removed before it damages the interior of the property through damp.

Fire damage will also cause your insulation to need to be removed or replaced, as it will be damaged and let in more water in the rain. Gaps caused by poorly installed insulation can also cause damp, and so it is recommended that the insulation be removed.

The cavity wall insulation removal process is performed by drilling back through the original holes used for installation and a high pressure vacuum machine is used to suck the insulation out of the cavity. This insulation is then bagged and removed from the property to be disposed of safely.

Some cases may also require some of the brickwork to be replaced, or have the rendering touched up. This will incur an extra fee but will be worth it for the peace of mind that will result from having a safer, weather resistant home.


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Expert Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters (PLA) offer a free loss adjusting service in most cases - Call 08000 434 999 to let then work on YOUR BEHALF

Public Loss Adjusters (PLA) offer a free loss adjusting service in most cases – Call 08000 434 999 to let then work on YOUR BEHALF

Loss adjusters are experts in various fields. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of insurance claims, the professionals can advise both the insurance company and policy holder on repair techniques. You can rely on our loss adjusters as they perform with skill, fairness and quality for their customers. We understand it can be a stressful time in the family home after having a fire or flood in your home or business.

We all know it can be irritating going through a long, tiresome claim, especially if you are not receiving the immediate loyalty you were promised. With our company, you can rely on the skill, ability and just approach of the loss adjuster. The insurer’s loss adjusters will visit the policyholder, within days after submission of the claim form, to discuss the circumstances of your claim.

Our expert Loss Adjusters provide outstanding services including:

  • Arranging long term & emergency accommodation for you and your family
  • Removing the stress of dealing with your insurance company
  • Giving you control, and the final say on all important decisions
  • Detecting the damage or loss that falls within the terms of the policy
  • Ensuring the amounts being claimed are reasonable and fair
  • Preparing your claim & presenting it uniquely, giving you the maximum settlement your entitled to

Our team of friendly, professional Loss Adjusters are able to guide and advice how security or safety can be improved to avoid incidents occurring in the future. We can often point to aspects of the claim which the policyholder may have overlooked before. They can also advice on repair techniques, for example the matching of a damaged floor or bathroom suite. Our loss adjusters will have knowledge of the specialist firms in your area who can undertake work regarding your claim.

With regional offices throughout the UK, our professional team of loss adjusters and surveyors are always within comfortable reach to assist you in making your residential property claim. Choose our group of loss adjusters for long lasting results leaving you feeling claim and stress free.

You will be contacted within a few hours by our trusting loss adjusting company. The purpose of this call will be to receive more information about the claim from you. We will then agree a more detailed plan of action. You can also call us for free guidance and advice regarding your flood, fire or damage claim. Health and safety is the first priority and this is fully appreciated by our specialist loss adjusters.

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(PLA) Public Loss Adjusters | Nationwide loss adjusting Services

Public Loss Adjusters offer free specialist insurance claims management services

Public Loss Adjusters are the company that will get a final settlement and complete satisfaction. We are a nationwide loss adjusting company, meaning that we aim to help and assist all areas of the UK. With over 65 years of experience, we know that we have the negotiation skills to get you the best end result for your individual claim.AMPM Local loss adjusters

Not only will we represent you when you are submitting an insurance claim, but we will also handle all of the aspects of the insurance claim, from meeting with your insurer to preparing your claim and making sure it is the best settlement for you in your circumstances. Here at public loss adjusters, we don’t work for the insurer, but we do work for YOU!

The services that we provide are:

  • We attend to your needs immediately
  • We prepare your claim
  • We negotiate your claim to the best terms for you

We carry out many types of claims. Some of these are:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Natural Disaster
  • Business Interruption

If you are making a business claim, then employing a loss adjuster is one of the bets things you can do! We can make sure that there will minimum interruption, which the production of the business returns to normal as soon as possible, and also that you get the maximum out of the final settlement.

We work on a No Win – No Fee basis. This means that if the claim for some unknown reason doesn’t go through, then you don’t have to pay a single penny. It also means that the compensation you deserve is risk-free. However, if your claim is successful, we at public loss adjusters will do everything we can to make sure that you get the maximum out of the final settlement.

If you need to file a claim, then public loss adjusters are the one for you! Call our 24 hour helpline now on 08000 434 999

Alternatively, you can visit our website for any additional information. Just go to

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Help With My Flood Claim | Assisting the nation with their flood insurance claims

Here at Help With My Flood Claim we aim to do just that. Helping with the public with their flood claims comes second nature to most of our professional loss adjusters as we have received a high volume of cases regarding flood stricken property’s over the last 6 months. Through this we have realised not one individual client has been the same so therefore we Taylor make every individual claims process to suit you entirely.

Using our unprecedented ability to secure every single penny you are owed we have built a reputation for being among the most efficient loss adjusting company’s in the UK for flood insurance claims. Through the entire process we will make sure that close attention is being subjected to every aspect of the claim. From liaising with your insurance provider to physically watching over our preferred contractors on site carrying out restoration works we handle everything yet keeping you informed every step of the way.

From the initial contact with one of our trained and professional call centre team members we will ensure that a local vetted tradesman will be on site carrying out any immediate works to secure your property and ensure no secondary damage can occur. After the property has been secure and deemed safe our loss adjuster will enter the premises and carry out an assessment then issue it to the insurer. While we carry out this service you can seek relief in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of promptly and efficiently.

For a more in-depth over view of how we can help you with your flood insurance claim then please visit our website or alternately for a more immediate response call one of our dedicated team members who will guild and assist you to the best of their ability’s.

Tel : 08000 434 999

Website :

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Dritech Fire and Flood Restoration Experts

Fire Restoration

Here at Dritech, we are fire and flood restoration experts. Our number one priority is to make sure that you, the potential client are happy in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of by a firm of highly specialist contractors. We can also make sure that your property will be reinstated to its original state, knowing that all of our work is done to the best of our ability. We have a team of specialists who are qualified BDMA or IICRC to the level of senior tech.

We work in a way that is the most time and cost efficient, meaning that there will be minimum disruption to you and your business. We also use the latest equipment. We can also ensure that all of our work is fully insured and guaranteed, regardless of the value of the property that you own.

We have a 24 hour helpline, meaning that you can phone us if an emergency was to occur in your property. We guarantee to be onsite within 4 hours of your initial phone call to us with the aim of carrying out emergency works to make sure there is no reoccurring problems.

To find out more on how we can benefit you and other services that you may require then please contact one of our professional call centre team on 0800 865 4999 or alternatively visit our website were we have page after page of vital information.

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Dritech’s Flood And Fire Restoration Services

Fire Restoration

Dritech is a specialist property repairs company who predominantly deal with incidents including flooding or an escape of water in the home or business premises as well as fire damages. Each and every one of our professional contractors are qualified to the highest of standards recognized within the building restoration industry including having numerous years’ experience in dealing with large scale property damages.

As well as being highly proficient when confronted with a flood damaged home Dritech’s contractors excel when dealing with fire restoration. Fire restoration is highly complicated to deal with as it can cause many types of hazardous implications to your property. Weather it is a small amount of smoke damage or your home’s support structure being totally compromised, every situation demands full professionalism and attention due to potential underlining risks that may occur soon after.

From your initial call to one of our polite and friendly call center staff we will have a specialist contractor on site within 4 hours, carrying out any immediate works to irradiate any further damage being caused. Once the site has been secured and boarded up if needs be by a member of our team we can then go ahead with restoring your property.

One of the many great things about Dritech is that we have the ability to put you in contact with one of the UK’s leading loss adjusting and claims management companies who we will liaise with to make sure the whole restoration and insurance process is dealt with in the most efficient and quickest time possible.

If you would like to find out more on how we can benefit you through your fire restoration process please visit our website which we have numerous paged dedicated to each individual service we can provide. To speak to one of our professional claims assistants then contact 0800 865 4999.

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Affordable Hairdressers in Blackpool

Totally Clips Hairdressing

Is it time for you to have a trim, cut or colour? If so then look no further, come down to Totally Clips Hairdressers in Blackpool!

We are a professional unisex hair beauty salon with a friendly and outgoing team. We have a variety of different services to offer. Whether you’re wanting a hair style, hair colour or T – Section Highlights, We can help you now! We also include Full Head Foils, Re-Growth Tints & Full Head Bleaches.

Our professional team can give your hair the glow it needs. If it’s your birthday or girls night out, the Totally Clips Team can guarantee too make your hair look sleek and shiny for the night.

Not only do we offer great hair salon services, you can also get a glowing looking tan ready for the summer! Our professionals also have the amazing skills to give you a perfect spray tan!

Not female? Don’t worry we also offer men’s haircuts!

Pop in to Totally Clips for a 25 percent discount card

At Totally Clips Hairdressers Blackpool, We feel that our customer deserves to feel and look amazing! That’s why when you use us, we offer you an amazing loyalty card. This gives you the brilliant opportunity to have the bargain of 25% your next visits, every single time you book an appointment!

We welcome all new customers politely and hope we can help you as best we can. Our team can help you with the most recent hair styles & tips, so you know are up to date with the latest trends.  Come and experience the glamorous hair treatment we can offer you!

Totally Clips HairdressingWant advice on our amazing deals or want to book an appointment? Don’t hesitate to call us today!

Tel: 01253 763355

Mob: 07944 246 345

Our friendly and helpful team are available Tuesday – Saturday, 9:00 – 5:00.

For more info feel free to visit our Blackpool Hairdressing website.

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Blackpool Based Web Design and SEO Services

SEO and Web Design Blackpool

Web Design Services

Web We DoAt Web We Do, our Blackpool Web Designers are here to create low cost quality websites to clients all over the UK. Not only can offer a professional web design packages, we can also promote your website only too. We offer value for money and a first class service.

Web We Do will be happy to build a website for you for nearly any kind of business, hobby, product or any other idea you have. All websites are built in house by our UK studio based in Blackpool. We do not believe in outsourcing YOUR work to other web design companies as we believe it is in the best hands when it is in our hands.

Local SEO Services

SEO Services From Web We DoWe also offer a wide range of related services to ensure your online presence is noticed by the people who you need to be noticed by. Apart from being web design experts, we are also Blackpool SEO specialists. Our speciality is local SEO although we are just as comfortable with our clients who want nationwide SEO, it’s just a bit more work in which we are happy to do.

Let’s say you’re “builders in Birmingham”, or “Window Cleaners in Norwich” or are “loss adjusters in Edinburgh” then we just love to help you to be on the first page when your potential customers are searching for you.

We can do this by either working to get you on the first page for organic listings, or if you need to be on the first page immediately then we also offer Pay Per Click Services as well. We work to identify the search phrases YOUR potential customers would be typing in order to find the services, products of information YOU provide.

SEO and Web Design Blackpool

If you have an existing business or a great idea that you want to promote online why not give Web We Do a call to find out how we can enhance your online presence? For Web Design, SEO, Logo Design, Pay Per Click Management and Search Engine Optimisation there is no other choice than Web We Do.

Visit our Website to find out more:

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Flood Damage Restoration Service

When experiencing a flood in your property, you would be looking for a restoration company who will restore your property quickly and efficiently. Here at Probuild Contractors Network, we are a nationwide restoration company who offer a competitive flood restoration service to all our clients.

Water Damage Repair

At Probuild, we understand the importance of time and minimizing mitigation and minimizing any additional water damage. If water damage isn’t treated professionally then it can cause harmful chemicals that can affect you and your family in the future.

Probuild also understand that water damage in your property is very important and that’s why we offer a FREE 24 hour helpline which gives our clients the advantage to speak to one of our water damage experts and help them through the restoration procedure. One of our water damage experts will always be able to answer your call.

With teams of fully qualified and experienced tradesmen based in your area, we can be sure that you will be given the best professional service within hours of your initial contact. The contractors that probuild acquire are all trained and certified to BDMA and IICRC senior tech level standards.

Flood Damage  Restoration

Probuild use testo thermal imaging cameras and testing equipment that can detect any moisture in the air and check for any additional problems that can’t be spotted with the naked eye. When the property has been fully disinfected and everything seems to be in order, then the restoration work and dehumidification work can begin.

As Probuild are a restoration company, we are able to put you through to an independent loss adjuster who can help you with your claim and give you FREE insurance claim help and advice. Our loss adjusters work in a different perspective than your insurance company which is why we help you receive everything that you are entitled to, regardless of what your insurance company offers you.

  • Fire restoration
  • Flood restoration
  • Escape of water repairs
  • Free insurance claim help and advice
  • Drying services including dehumidification
  • Secure storage solutions
  • Testo thermal imaging
  • Moisture reports
  • Drying Certificates

If you are interested in using our services and would like more information on how to start the process then please call us on 08000 433 999. Alternatively go to our website where you will be able to find a more comprehensive overview about us and the services we offer, please go to –

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Public Loss Assessors | Help With Flood Insurance Claims

We are Public Loss Assessors who can help with your insurance claims after you have experienced a fire or flood within your home or business premises.

When you put in an insurance claim, your insurer will send out a loss adjuster that will assess the damage that has occurred, but they usually work on your insurers behalf and trying to save their money by keeping their outlay to a minimum.

A lot of policyholders do not know that you can hire your own independent loss assessor to work on your behalf, who will be able to fight your corner and that can put your interests first until you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to.

We can recommend a network of contractors who will be able to repair your property back to its pre-damaged condition.  We will only recommend contractors to you that have a lot of experience and who are highly qualified to BDMA and IICRC standards within the property restoration industry. All completed work will come with a 2 year FREE guarantee.

Once you have decided to appoint a loss assessor to work on your behalf, we can ensure you that you will be involved in all decision making and all correspondence will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.

Public Loss Assessors work on a no-win no-fee basis but if you appoint our recommended building contractors to repair your property, all of our services will be free of charge to you, the policyholder.

All of our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure someone is there when an emergency situation occurs.

For more information regarding your insurance claims, contact us on 08000 434 999 or visit

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