Flood Damage Restoration Service

Flood and water damage repair services

When experiencing a flood in your property, you would be looking for a flood restoration company who will restore your property quickly and efficiently. The main problem my be finding an experienced building contractor who offer a competitive flood damage repair services to their clients. MMS Contracting are a flood restoration company who can also offer help by putting you in touch with insurance claims management companies.  They can ensure you are fully compensated from your insurer.

Water Damage Repair

MMS Contracting understand the importance of time and minimizing mitigation and minimising any additional water damage. If water damage isn’t treated professionally then it can cause harmful chemicals that can affect you and your family in the future.

They also understand that water damage in your property is very important and that’s why they offer a FREE 24 hour helpline which gives their clients the advantage to speak to one of their water damage experts and help them through the restoration procedure. One of our water damage experts will always be able to answer your call.

With teams of fully qualified and experienced tradesmen based in your area, we can be sure that you will be given the best professional service within hours of your initial contact. Most of the flood damage repair contractors that are recommended are all trained and certified to BDMA and IICRC senior tech level standards.

Flood Damage  Restoration

These building repair contractors use testo thermal imaging cameras and testing equipment that can detect any moisture in the air and check for any additional problems that can’t be spotted with the naked eye. When the property has been fully disinfected and everything seems to be in order, then the restoration work and dehumidification work can begin.

As independent contractors and restoration company, they are able to put you through to an independent loss adjuster who can help you with your claim and give you FREE insurance claim help and advice. Our loss adjusters work in a different perspective than your insurance company which is why we help you receive everything that you are entitled to, regardless of what your insurance company offers you.

  • Fire restoration
  • Flood restoration
  • Escape of water repairs
  • Free insurance claim help and advice
  • Drying services including dehumidification
  • Secure storage solutions
  • Testo thermal imaging
  • Moisture reports
  • Drying Certificates

If you are interested in using our services and would like more information on how to start the process then please call us on 08000 433 999. Alternatively go to our website where you will be able to find a more comprehensive overview about us and the services offered, please visit www.mmscontracting.co.uk.